Both Private Appointments and 
Group Classes are offered. Private appointments are always recommended initially if you are new to Pilates. Some clients require or prefer the private one-on-one attention.

Others like to work in a group setting.
G r o u p   C l a s s   S c h e d u l e

Equipment Class
Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body using several pieces of equipment and small tools.  Each 50-minute class will use one or several pieces of equipment and/or tools.  Class format and equipment useage is at the discretion of the instructor. 

Hybrid Mat Class
Using various small equipment such as hand weights, flexbands and large stability balls, the class uses the floor mat during class.  The class offers both in-person and virtual options.

Fascial Conditioning
The unique format of this class was developed by CJ over many years of teaching stretch classes and workshops along with continuing education in the fields of ZEN-GA®, MELT®, and NKT.  The class begins with a MELT® Hand or Foot treatment then moves on to using a soft foam roller to work the body's connective tissue system, or fascia.  Each class will focus on a different part of the body​.  It is ideal for those clients dealing with chronic pain or conditions, tight muscles and general tension.

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Always call first to assure there is room for you.
 We keep our classes small and intimate to better manage individual modifications directed towards specific health and medical needs.
Mondays at 11:00am

Mondays at 4:00pm

​Tuesdays at 10:00am

Tuesdays at 6:15pm

Thursdays at 9:00am

Thursdays at 6:15pm
In Studio Equipment

Hybrid Mat In Person and Virtual

In Studio Equipment

In Studio Equipment

In Studio Equipment

Hybrid Mat In Person and Virtual